Beginners - Plymouth - 17th/18th October 2015

On 17th October, Exeter took no less than 70 people to Marjons, Plymouth for the annual Beginners tournament. With a record number of five Beginners teams, the weekend was set to be a smashing one. The five teams were: Bear Skillz (Captains: Molly and Tim), So Hucking Hot (Captains: Cat and Sean), The Queen's Hucking Regime (Captains: Luke and Rob), 50 Shades of Lay (Captains: Mike and Lottie) and Huck the Police (Captains: Stephen and Emma). 

We also entered one experienced team (Captains Jevon and Kat); they had a tough weekend playing against some top South West players, but they had fun none the less!

After a lot of frisbee and a cracking night out at the Plymouth SU, the final standings were:

Bear Skillz (2nd Place)

So Hucking Hot (3rd Place)

The Queen's Hucking Regime (7th Place)

50 Shades of Lay (10th Place and WINNERS OF SPIRIT)

Huck the Police (11th Place)

Well done to everyone who participated and made it a weekend to remember!

Mixed Indoor Regionals and Nationals - 14th/15th Nov and 28th/29 Nov

Mixed Indoor Regionals was a huge success for the club with the first team remaining undefeated for the entire tournament and winning Regionals. After a tight semifinal against Winchester, won in a tiebreaker, the final was even tougher. With every player pushing themselves to breaking point, and several layouts, Exeter managed to win the game in yet another sudden death point. There was an impressive strength of teamwork, demonstrated by the team voting 4 joint MVPs which made for a special connection across the entire team. This marked the first time Exeter has ever won Mixed Regionals. 

 Mixed Nationals was also a good tournament for the club with the team finishing 11th in the country. The first day was the high point, with the Exeter taking Birmingham (tournament winners) to within two points in a very tight game. On the second day a devastating loss to Bristol meant missing out on the top 8 spots, but overall a great performance and an improvement on last year.

Women's Indoor Regionals - 21st/22nd Nov

The first team girls had a tough time at Indoor Regionals, topping their pool on the first day but then suffering a sudden death loss to Bristol, meaning they would have to win all remaining games in order to make it to Nationals.

They battled hard and made it to the 4 v 5 match, yet again against Bristol, and yet again in sudden death. This meant they did not make it to Nationals but were looking forward to fighting their way there in the Outdoor season.

Men's Indoor Regionals and Nationals - 31st Oct/1st Nov and 6th/7th Feb

The Men's Indoor first team smashed up Regionals on the first day, winning all their games comfortably with a points difference of 40+. This secured them top of the pool and were ready to play tougher games on the following day.

The boys saw Bristol in their semi final, and came out victorious in a close sudden death. This meant they had to play Bath in the final. The final was tough and Exeter lost, meaning that they had to play Bristol again in the 2v3 to earn a spot at Div 1 Nationals. Unfortunately the boys lost this rematch, and took 3rd place, qualifying for Div 2 Nationals. 

MIP: Matt Lear, MVP: Chris Ross

In February 2016, the boys flew a long long way to Glasgow. On the first day they lost two games and won one, and lost out on a three way tie in their pool. They then smashed their crossover, and climbed up to 2nd place on the second day. They then had some tough games playing at the top of Div 2 and finished the weekend taking 4th place!

MVP: Stephen Strickland

Club Open Indoor Regionals - 16th/17th Jan

On the 16th and 17th January, we took two teams to Club Open Indoor Regionals! 

Exeter 1, captained by Chris Ross and Cat Pope, came 11th, with MVP Mike Forrest.

Exeter 2, captained by Ash McInnes and Molly Arnett came 14th.

 Well done to everyone who played!

Club Women's Indoor Regionals - 20th/21st Feb

Exelle, the Exeter Women's Club team, absolutely smashed Club Women's Indoor Nationals on the 20th/21st February taking 3rd in the country! The highlight of the weekend would go to beating DH1 in the 1v8 crossover and being seeded first for a limited time. 

Beating teams that have previously dominated the tournament was a great warm up for Women's Outdoor Regionals.

Captain: Jess Taylor; MVP: Helen Thompson

Women's Outdoor Regionals - 5th/6th March

On the weekend of the 5th/6th March, the Exeter Women’s Ultimate Frisbee First Team went to Western Women’s Outdoor Regionals in Cardiff. Having never entered a Women’s outdoor team before, the team was cautiously hopeful for a top four finish, which would qualify them for Division 1 Nationals. 

On the Saturday they faced up against regular South West rivals Bath and Cardiff. Both games were hard fought and ended in convincing wins for Exeter, with scores 10-6 and 8-4 respectively. Following this were matches against Plymouth and Southampton, both of which ended in a 9-1 victory for Exeter. This meant they topped the pool and could go straight to quarterfinals on the Sunday.

Sunday began with a quarterfinal against Swansea, which they won 11-1, putting them through to a semi-final against Bangor, which was again won 11-1.

This was an important game to win as it guaranteed a spot at Division 1 Nationals. After Bristol beat Birmingham in their semifinal, Exeter prepared to take on regular rival Bristol in the final. In true Exeter v Bristol style, they were trading points up until the half, which Exeter won 6-5.  The scores included visionary throws from Canadian pickup, Helen Thompson, and impressive grabs from Molly Arnett. After the buzzer sounded, the score was 8-6 to Exeter in a game to 9. Both teams were fighting hard, but after an incredible interception from Helen Thompson, the disc was in Exeter’s possession and Emma Pickens took the final score, making Exeter Regional Champions, and making history for Exeter Ultimate.

Men's BUCS Season

The Ultimate Frisbee Men’s Team has, for the first time, been competing in BUCS Wednesdays instead of the previous tournament format. They needed to finish in the top three in the highest division to qualify for Division 1 Nationals.

Their first game of the season was against favourites to win, Bath. After trading points at the beginning, Bath soared ahead to take the win. Their Bristol game was tight and hard fought, but eventually ended in a victory for the opposition. However, Exeter proved their skill in matches against Cardiff, Swansea and Southampton, all resulting in convincing wins and therefore qualifying them for Division 1 Nationals.

Men's Outdoor Nationals - 16th/17th April

The boys did a great job in their BUCS season to qualify for Division 1 Nationals, putting them in the top 16 teams in the Nation and giving them a tough tournament. 

They took a fresh team with an aim for development of the Men's team, and the tournament provided great experience for the newer players. 

The first day saw the team play some top level teams, including Nottingham who were the overall winners. They finished the day bottom of the pool. The second day saw closer matches, and they found a win in their last match of the tournament against Surrey, meaning they took 15th place!

MIP: Gerard Murphy and Harry Buttery, MVP: Stephen Strickland

Women's Outdoor Nationals - 16th/17th April

Having won their region, the Exeter girls were seeded highly at Nationals. Their first game against Sheffield was a great start to the tournament with a convincing win. A tough UCL game followed; after the buzzer sounded, the score was tied at 6-6 and UCL had both the downwind advantage and offence. After tight defence and patient offence, Exeter managed to score the first upwind break of the game, winning 7-6. 

The last game of the day was another sudden death against Edinburgh. No one is quite sure how long the last point went on for, estimates are between 35 and 55 minutes. Exeter kept fighting, eventually winning the point and the game 7-6. This put the team at the top of the pool and straight through to the quarter finals on the Sunday. 

The quarter final was against Sussex, and Exeter came out hard, winning the half 7-1. Sussex came back fighting and put in three points in a row in the second half, but Exeter kept their heads up and won the game 12-4. This put them through to a semi-final against Leeds, who were known to be a very high-level team. Both teams came out fighting, and Leeds put two points on the board straight away. Exeter put lots of pressure on D, and played the same clinical offence that they had perfected all weekend. Exeter won the game 9-4, putting them through to the National final and guaranteeing a medal finish. 

The team then came up against Birmingham in the final, who were arguably the favourites to win the tournament. Birmingham's defence was difficult to break through, and their well drilled offence meant they got points on the board very quickly. Exeter kept fighting and eventually began to work out their defence. Birmingham went on to win the game 12-5, giving Exeter second place and a silver medal! This marks Exeter's most successful National Outdoor finish in the history of the club. 

MIP: Isobel Cotterell; MVP: Helen Thompson

A huge congratulations to every club member that has played in tournaments this year, it's been an incredibly successful year for Uriel! 

Here's to an even better 2016/17!