University Women's Indoor Regionals 2014

Exeter's Womens team traveled to Cardiff for the all new Western Regionals in Cardiff. The 1st team played expertly and topped their pool on the first day. On the second day they lost their semi final in a tough sudden death point against Cardiff, but went on to beat Warwick in the 3v4, therefore finishing 3rd and qualifying for Nationals!

MVP: Alex Boross-Harmer

University Mixed Indoor Regionals 2014

Three Exeter teams went to Mixed regionals in Plymouth. 1st team placed 2nd, winning qualification to Div.1 nationals in Feb. The 2nd team placed 7th and 3rd team 13th.

The first team dominated teams in their group on Saturday leading up to a show down with Bath 1, which resulted in a tense tie. Exeter topped the pool on points difference, and on the second day a victory against Picnic meant that Exeter reached the final against Bristol. Bristol won in sudden death, meaning Exeter had to face Bath 1 yet again. This time saw Exeter win convincingly with a score of 8-4, meaning Exeter finished 2nd and qualified for Div 1 Nationals. 

MVP: Alex Borross-Harmer

University Mens Indoor Regionals 2014

Two Exeter teams traveled to Bath for the first ever University Mens Regionals in the newly constructed regions. The 1st team placed 4th winning qualification to Div. 2 nationals. The 2nd team placed 16th.

Men's regionals had many mixed emotions. With an (almost) entirely new look team to the last years the team performed exceptionally to reach the final, however after that,facing up against a number of more experienced teams saw a string of defeats ultimately ending in 4th and narrowly missing out on the opportunity to go Div.1 nationals, but the team is set up to do well at Div.2.

University Men Indoor Nationals 2014

Exeter's 1st team travel to Liverpool for Div.2 nationals.

Day 1 after an unpleasant night the scout hut saw victory of Durham to but close defeats to Sheffield and Sterling. Placed in a lower trier power pool Uriel faced off against local rivals Picnic, coming back to win 8-6. However the scoreline was reversed in the following game against Imperial leaving a the 6-12 cross over against Aberdeen for the chance to get into the top 8. Uriel came out with one of their best performances but were narrowly beaten (mainly be height difference in the teams).

The bottom 8 Exeter cruised to victory over Portsmouth and KCL before facing Imperial again, this team for the plate final. Sadly the DiscDoctors showed the first result of the weekend was no fluke leaving Exeter to finish in 10th place.

Club Indoor Open Regionals 2015

Uriel sent two, balanced teams to the club South West regionals in Plymouth.

Both teams held seed in their groups leading to an all Uriel cross over. The 'A' team (left) were victorious 8-5 and went to play a hugely powerful Bristol 1 team in the quarter finals. They were able to avenge that defeat with a close 8-6 victory over Bristol 2 in the important 7th/8th play off to get first reserve spot for nationals. The 'B' team ended the day with a close 6-5 lose to local rival Picnic to finish in 12th place. 

University Mixed Indoor Nationals 2015

The Uriel Mixed Indoor 1st team returned to Liverpool in Feb 2015 for Division 1 Nationals. Competition was fierce and Exeter recorded three losses and a draw in the group stages, though notably they were able to push eventual 2nd place Loughborough close.

Day two quickly became about not finishing in the bottom 4 and sacrificing a qualification spot for next year as all three South West teams found themselves in this position. Exeter and Bristol were able to record wins, with Uriel pulling off a sudden death win over Chicester to set up a rematch of the SW regionals final. The rematch was hard fought, but the result remained the same and Exeter finished in 16th place.

MVP: Antonio Guerrero 

University Womens Indoor Nationals 2015

The women’s first team qualified for the University Women’s Indoor Nationals in Coventry. 

On the first day the girls battled though some very close games in a difficult pool. The first game was against Edinburgh who were seeded first. This was a tough game but Exeter fought well only losing by a few points. The second game against Newcastle was frustrating, the girls played well but narrowly lost in a sudden death point. By the end of the day the team finished bottom of the pool, finishing on a very fun, well spirited game against Oxford. It was decided that clearly some reinforcements needed to come in so we called up our support team, Tree & Nugget, from Exeter and they made the long journey up to come and cheer us on. The first game on Sunday was a big one for our team. It was a rematch against Cardiff, who had narrowly beaten us in the semi-final at regionals. The team put everything into the game and won comfortably 7-3.

The next game was probably the most frustrating game of the weekend, with the team once again losing in a sudden death point. But the girls didn’t let this get them down and ended the weekend on an enjoyable well spirited win against Dundee. Overall the team maintained 15th seed and had a good weekend of Frisbee thanks to a great coach, a great support team and a great bunch of girls.

Club Open Indoor Nationals 2015

Uriel qualified to 2015 Open Indoors nationals held in Plymouth and entered a tournament alongside the very best at indoors in the UK. 

Predictably Saturday saw some heavy loses to some top quality teams. However Uriel rallied to beat Bristol 2 and maintain their position in the group. 

Then a huge tactical decision was made. The team hit the Plymouth SU in the evening with some of the local Picnic team. 

Sunday saw our cross over with a strong Shake&Bake team who had narrowly defeated Uriel at regionals. They rapidly took the lead but we kept our composure and came back from 4 points down to reach sudden death. However, Shake's strategy of wildly jamming the disc into the endzone worked this one time and they took the win. Disheartened/hungover we then suffered much the same fate against Part-Time Pirates, who once again employed the strategy of waiting until the disc was on 7 and then hammering it into the endzone. We then totally chumped it and managed to lose to Bristol 2 who were clearly out for some revenge.

Final match of the day was against the Picnic Alumni and finally Exeter got into gear and were able to put away a decent victory against the old-enemy and leave with our heads held high in 21st place. 

University Open Outdoor Regionals 2015

A bright and blustery day welcomed Uriel to the largest and most important university tournament of the year for the club. The 1st team were able to put quick victories away against some 2nd and 3rd teams but came unstuck against a much improved Southampton 1 who employed a tricky progressive-arrowhead zone. This had the misfortune of setting up a Exeter-Exeter crossover, ensuring that only one team could challenge for top 8. 

The Sunday quarter final was a local derby against Plymouth 1 in a rematch of the friendly played a few weeks ago. Exeter came out all guns blazing and put two unanswered upwind points to take the game away from the Devon rivals in the first 10 minutes.

The semi final was to played against Bristol 1. A team we hadn't beaten all year. The toss was won but Bristol put some slick passes together to put on an early upwind point. However as the game continued Exeter's superior throws and legs started to show and on game point to Bristol, we managed the composure and patience to put in our own up wind point to take the game to sudden death with us having the wind in our favour. 2 mins later it was all over. Exeter had won and were going to the final.

The final was against an all powerful Bath 1 side. With the wind picking up this promised to a difficult game, however Bath mastered it quicker than Exeter and were able to put in two up wind points. Exeter struggled to make head way against a well drilled Zone. Though we were able to eventually score our own up wind point. It was too little, too late.

The finally match of the day was the 2 vs 3 to see who would make it to Div.1 nats, against Southampton 1 again. However in the intervening time a storm hit and made the playing conditions virtually unplayable. Further more injuries starting to mount up meant the Exeter had only 8 players left to field. In what was a decidedly messy game Southampton were once again winners of a match that was basically decided by the toss. 

Exeter 2 had a difficult Sunday, losing all their tosses and subsequently their games and finishing and ill deserved last place. 

University Open Outdoor Nationals 2015

Uriel attended Div. 2 nationals for what would be the final time with recent news of a BUCS outdoor league for future years.

In the first game, the team showed that they had learnt how to thrown in the wind from regionals, in what was set to be a blustery Saturday. Uriel wasted no time putting in two quick up wind points with some slick play, and went on to win the game.

Their next match against Imperial was lost narrowly with some strong upwind breaks from the opposition. Sheffield Hallam put up a fight and won their match convincingly. 

3rd place in our pool set up a cross over with Bristol. The team huddled together to try and keep dry whilst the substantial Bristol squad was drilled hard by their Bristol Open coaches. Mercifully the rain stopped two minutes before the match and we set ourselves a little more optimism for what was likely to be a difficult match. First point, Exeter easily put in an up-wind point! As the match continued it became apparent that the Bristol team, cold, wet and tried from too much pre-match sprinting, simply didn't want to be there. Before we knew it we were 5-2 up and it look like a top 8 spot was ours. However, disaster struck. Jack Stuart went off suddenly with a hamstring failure. With the remainder of the team now playing iron-man for the last 10 mins was under pressure to hold on. However at this point the wind died and the sun came out and Bristol, whose players had the luxury of resting, suddenly found their feet and were able to put in 4 unanswered points winning the match 6-5. It was a crushing defeat for Exeter, one that would never have happened had even 7 fit players at this point.

In their first Sunday game against Portsmouth, Exeter were trading points until more injuries caused problems. The opposition's squad depth meant they took it away in the 2nd half and Uriel lost 8-5. Down into the bottom 4 and the first match was against Uclan, which was lost 8-6. The final match of the day was against Sterling. They clearly meant business as their captain sat on the sideline during the game drinking a beer. Despite taking an early lead, Exeter found themselves utterly spent, and lost in sudden death 6-7. 

After a promising start, the Uriel boys some how managed to come last at nationals. At least they can only improve next year!

A huge congratulations to the club for the achievements and player development this year. 

Uriel is set-up for a very successful 2015/16!